Strategic Facilities Planning

I published my second book earlier this month, Strategic Facilities Planning, available as an eBook at Kindle. Here is the link to the book:

Strategic Facilities Planning book link

Strategic Facilities Planning is the art and science of the marriage of strategic planning and facilities. Strategic Facilities Planning is much, much more than Facilities Planning, the common practice of documenting a set of user requirements to serve as the basis for a design project. It is a unique field within Strategic Planning, one where, if performed successfully, can result in facilities and spaces that don’t just met a set of requirements, but actually can change and improve workspaces that are aligned with an organization’s goals and objectives.
This book incorporates the author’s 25 years of experience of corporate real estate, facilities planning and facilities management, along with best practices and insights that he gained in the practice of Strategic Facilities Planning. This book is intended for both facilities professionals who are interested in taking their career to a higher, more strategic level, as well as organizational leaders who are interested in implementing Strategic Facilities Planning into their organization.